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Explore Unique Destinations In Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Explore Unique Destinations In Ninh Binh, Vietnam


Ninh Binh, a famous tourist destination in Northern Vietnam, is not only famous for its majestic natural beauty but is also home to many religious architectural works and unique landscapes. Among them, we must mention the “must visit” places when traveling to Ninh Binh such as Phat Diem Stone Church, Pineapple Hill in Tam Diep, Kim Son Beach, Dark-Bright Cave, and Non Nuoc Mountain.

Phat Diem Stone Church – outstanding religious architecture in Ninh Binh

Phat Diem Stone Church - Outstanding Religious Architecture In Ninh Binh
Phat Diem Stone Church – Outstanding Religious Architecture In Ninh Binh

Phat Diem Stone Church, also known as Phat Diem Episcopal residence, is a Catholic church complex of about 22 hectares, located in Phat Diem town, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province, about 120 km south of Hanoi. The complex of buildings here was built in 1875 and completed in 1899.

If you take the time to research, your sightseeing schedule can be very rich because Phat Diem Stone Church is also very close to other famous scenic spots:

And many other tourist attractions.

Ticket price to visit Phat Diem Stone Church 2024

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Currently, you can visit Phat Diem Stone Church completely free of charge. However, you can also choose other convenient services such as:

  • Bicycle rental for sightseeing: 20,000 VND/bike/turn
  • Rent an electric car to visit: 40,000 VND/car/turn
  • Hire a tour guide to present about architecture and history: 100,000 VND/group/time

TogetherBooking Vietnam Tour Take a look at the unique features here before you have the chance to experience it in real life!

Unique religious architecture


This a complex of buildings Catholic architecture, Phat Diem stone church has a dominant Western architectural style with neatly arranged and neat buildings:

  • Cathedral: Located in the center, is a Gothic architectural work with 4 domes, 6 rows of ironwood columns and many sophisticated decorative details.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral: Located next to the cathedral, built in Romanesque style with a hemispherical dome.
  • Two-story church: The architecture combines a Catholic church and a Buddhist temple.
  • Artificial ponds and caves: In addition to the religious architecture built, the church designer also paid great attention to creating the surrounding landscape to create a harmonious picture between humans and nature.
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If you look closely at the details of the carvings, engravings or decorative objects of the church, it will not be difficult for you to recognize the talent and diligence of the workers who created the massive architectural complex. These are as well as very unique features that cannot be found in any other religious architecture:

  • Harmonious combination of Western and Eastern architecture: Phat Diem Stone Church represents the cultural interference between Vietnam and France. Gothic architectural details such as domes and arches are combined with traditional Vietnamese decorative details such as dragons, phoenixes and lotus flowers.
  • Unique material: The entire project is built of laterite and ironwood, creating a rustic, simple but also very solid beauty.
  • Exquisite decorative details: The decorative details in the church are meticulously carved, showing many themes such as the Bible, Vietnamese folk culture and the daily life of local people.
  • Triple gate: It is the main gate to the church area, built in the style of a 3-storey gazebo with a curved roof, with 4 pillars symbolizing the 4 evangelists.
  • Cathedral: The front of the church has a statue of Our Lady of La Vang, inside there are 6 rows of ironwood columns 11m high, 2.35m in circumference, each column weighs about 10 tons.
  • Altar: The main altar in the church is made of monolithic stone, 3m long, 0.9m wide, 0.8m high, and weighs about 20 tons.
  • Bell tower: The bell tower is 25m high, has 5 floors, built in the Phuong Dinh style with a curved roof.
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So it can be seen, Phat Diem Stone Church is an architectural complex bearing the mark of Western culture but has been cleverly combined by talented designers so as not to lose the characteristics of Vietnamese culture. This place is not only a spiritual destination for Catholics but also an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

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When traveling here, you should also note the following points to make your visit as convenient as possible:

  • When visiting the church, you need to dress politely and discreetly.
  • Photography is not allowed inside the cathedral.
  • Please maintain general hygiene and dispose of trash properly.

Pineapple Hill, Tam Diep – Innovative new check-in point in Ninh Binh

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Tam Diep Pineapple Hill, also known as Dong Giao Farm, is located in Tam Diep city, Ninh Binh province, about 100 km from Hanoi. This place is famous for its lush green pineapple hills, stretching like giant carpets, creating an extremely poetic and majestic scene.

Tam Diep Pineapple Hill is about 12 km from Phat Diem church. You can ride a motorbike or car towards Highway 10, then turn left onto Road 477 to reach Tam Diep Pineapple Hill. Travel time is about 20 minutes.

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Ticket price to visit Tam Diep pineapple hill in 2024

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Tam Diep Pineapple Hill is a newly discovered check-in spot. This is essentially a vast pineapple farm but has a very chill beauty, so currently you can visit and take photos here completely free of charge.

If you haven’t prepared the most appropriate outfits, you can also choose to rent ethnic costumes to take photos at an additional cost.ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 VND/set as well as being able to rent beautiful photo shoots at an additional cost.ranges from 200,000 to 500,000 VND/set of photos.

However, because the service has not yet been put into operation, you also need to pay attention to hygiene and general order when visiting and checking in here.

Why does Tam Diep Pineapple Hill attract tourists?

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Tam Diep Pineapple Hill possesses lush green pineapple hills, interspersed with small winding roads. The scenery here gives visitors a feeling of peace and relaxation, helping visitors escape the noise and bustle of city life.

This promises to be an ideal destination for virtual living believers. Not only that, here, you can participate in hInteresting experiential activities such as: picking pineapples, visiting pineapple gardens, cycling, kayaking, etc.

People often say, “It is only by eating food that one can attain enlightenment”, so don’t forget to enjoy its delicious dishes and rich local cuisine such as: elderberry, mountain goat, mountain snail, etc.

The right time to travel to Tam Diep Pineapple Hill

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The most suitable time to travel to Tam Diep Pineapple Hill is from April to October, this is the season when the pineapple trees most fruitful with a bit of light yellow mixed in poetic colored leaves will be a bright background for you and your friends to visit and check in here.

Instructions for traveling to Tam Diep Pineapple Hill

You can easily visit Tam Diep pineapple hill no matter where you are.Booking Vietnam Tour will I will guide you on the most convenient route below:

  • From Hanoi: You can travel by motorbike or car in the direction of National Highway 1A, to Tam Diep city, then ask for directions to Dong Giao Farm.
  • From Ninh Binh: You can travel by motorbike or car towards Highway 10, to Tam Diep city, then ask for directions to Dong Giao Farm.

Kim Son Beach – wild beauty in Ninh Binh

Traveling through land and mountains, together we will explore the destinations of sea and river.

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Kim Son Beach is a pristine beach located in Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province, Vietnam. The beach is about 120 km from Ninh Binh city and about 200 km from Hanoi.

This place is famous for There is a long stretch of fine white sand, clear blue sea water and calm waves. The beach is surrounded by green casuarina trees, creating a poetic and peaceful natural scene.

Are you a lover of swimming but don’t want a place that’s too noisy? Kim Son Beach is the place for you!

Things to know when traveling to Kim Son beach – Ninh Binh

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As a relatively wild beach, Kim Son brings quite peaceful beauty. You can visit and swim here completely free of charge. However, because it has not yet been put into commercial exploitation, the beach also has limitations. You should be careful and closely observe your companions when going swimming here.

After swimming, you can go to restaurants in the surrounding area to enjoy local specialties such as:

  • Fish salad:

This is the most famous specialty dish of Kim Son. The fish is cleaned, fleshed, sliced ​​and then mixed with spices such as galangal, chili, garlic, fried onions… creating a delicious, unique flavor. Neph fish salad is often eaten with rice paper, herbs and sweet and sour dipping sauce.

  • Nem chua Yen Mac:

Nem chua Yen Mac is a traditional specialty dish of Yen Mac village, Kim Son. Nem chua is made from pureed pork, pork skin, rice noodles, spices… Nem chua Yen Mac has a sour taste.bar, sweet, crunchy and uniquely delicious.

  • Braised fish in clay pot:

Fish braised in clay pots at Kim Son is made from fresh fish, braised in clay pots with traditional spices such as fish sauce, sugar, pepper, chili… Fish braised in clay pots has a delicious flavor. Rich, tender fish meat mixed with smooth stock, creating an irresistible appeal.

  • Kim Son noodle soup:

Bun Moc Kim Son is a rustic dish but has the typical flavor of Kim Son land. Bun Moc is made from fresh vermicelli, minced meat, pork sausage, broth simmered from pork bones… Kim Son Bun Moc has a sweet flavor, delicious chewy noodles, soft and fatty pork sausage, creating harmony and harmony. Attractiveness in each bowl of vermicelli.

  • Fresh seafood dishes:

Kim Son beach has a rich variety of seafood sources such as: crabs, crabs, squid, shrimp, fish… You can enjoy fresh seafood dishes prepared in many different ways such as: steamed, boiled , grilled, stir-fried…

In addition, you can also enjoy other specialties such as stir-fried finger snails with tamarind, bitter crab soup, rice rolls, spring rolls…

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A small tip is that you should choose restaurants that many locals choose and ask in advance about the price of each dish to find the best restaurant!

  • Hotline for booking tourist cars at Kim Son Beach: Hotline 0866 611 235

Bright Cave – Dark Cave | Unique natural beauty in Ninh Binh


Bright Cave – Dark Cave is an ideal destination for those who love to explore wild, majestic nature and experience new things.

This population was formed millions of years ago by the erosion of water and limestone. Bright Cave is part of the Nho Quan limestone mountain range, Ninh Binh.

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Bright Cave It has a complex geological structure with many large and small caves. Bright Cave is about 250 m long, about 100m wide and about 50m high. Bright Cave is divided into 3 main branches:

  • Branch 1: Is the main branch of Bright Cave, where there are many of the most beautiful stalactites.
  • Branch 2: A smaller branch, where there is a clear blue lake.
  • Branch 3: The narrowest branch, where there are many uniquely shaped stalactites.
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Bright Cave has a shimmering, magical beauty with countless unique and magical shaped stalactites such as:

  • “Stone curtain”: Long, thin stalactites hang down from the ceiling of the cave like curtains.
  • “Stone column”: The large, tall stalactites are like pillars supporting the cave.
  • “Stone flower”: Small stalactites, shaped like flowers.

In addition, Bright Cave also has many stalactites with different colors such as white, yellow, brown… creating an extremely magnificent natural picture.

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Different from Bright Cave, Dark Cave There is no natural light, so visitors need to use flashlights to explore the cave. Inside Dark Cave there are many stalactites with unique and magical shapes such as:

  • “Rock Dragon”: Large stalactites shaped like flying dragons.
  • “Stone Elephant”: Large stalactites shaped like a standing elephant.
  • “Buddha”: The stalactites are shaped like Buddha statues.
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Bright Cave – Dark Cave tourist destination belongs to Thung Nham ecological area, so if you have bought a ticket to visit the ecological area, you will be free to visit this tourist destination. To visit Bright Cave – Dark Cave, you will need to take a boat down the romantic Ngo Dong River. This will definitely be the most wonderful experience you will ever discover!

  • Hotline to book tickets to visit Thung Nham Ecological Area:0866 611 235

Non Nuoc Mountain – a poetic spiritual tourist destination in Ninh Binh

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Non Nuoc Mountain is a small limestone mountain located in Ninh Binh city, Ninh Binh province, Vietnam. This is a famous landmark of Ninh Binh province and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region.

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Non Nuoc Mountain is about 100 meters high and shaped like a flanking elephant. The mountain is surrounded by Van River and Day River, creating an extremely beautiful and poetic natural scene.

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On the top of Non Nuoc mountain there is a pagoda called Non Nuoc pagoda – one of the oldest pagodas in Ninh Binh.

Non Nuoc Pagoda – Ancient pagoda in the middle of charming mountains and water

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Non Nuoc Pagoda is located on the top of Non Nuoc mountain, in Thanh Binh ward. The pagoda was built during the Dinh Dynasty, 10th century, and has undergone many restorations and embellishments.

The pagoda was built in the style of “front, three, and back”, including 3 front halls and 7 back halls with many ancient and majestic Buddha statues. According to legend, this is where King Dinh Tien Hoang held prayers The country was peaceful and victorious in the war against the Tong invaders.

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Every year, on the 15th day of the third lunar month, a traditional festival takes place at Non Nuoc Pagoda. The festival attracts a large number of local people and tourists from all over.

Notes when visiting:

  • Visitors should wear polite clothes when visiting Non Nuoc Pagoda.
  • Tourists should not litter indiscriminately and maintain general hygiene.
  • Visitors should walk lightly and speak softly to preserve the purity of the temple.

Conclusion: are you ready to travel to Ninh Binh?

As a province with countless beautiful landscapes – Ninh Binh deserves to be a place you need to put on your must-visit and travel list in the near future.

Hopefully through this article, Booking Vietnam Tour has told you that in addition to the tourist areas that have created a “brand”, Ninh Binh still has many places for you to explore such as Phat Diem Stone Church, Pineapple Hill in Tam Diep, Kim Son Beach, Dark-Bright Cave, and Non Nuoc Mountain…

If you need help planning the most suitable exploration schedule for you and your loved ones, contact us immediately via hotline. 0866 611 235 To receive the most professional and friendly incentives and services!

See you again in Ninh Binh!


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